“Two weeks that will always stay with me!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

It was only two weeks that we spent in the village of Mwandi, Zambia but it is two weeks that will always stay with me.

During this time, I learned so much about a place I admit I knew little about; its people, way of life and social and physical environment. To be able to give something of myself to this place and its people, to make a contribution rather than simply wander through as a tourist was such a privilege and a wholly satisfying experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to go beyond 'scratching the surface' in a country they visit.

Helping a grandmother (who cares full time for three gorgeous grandkids) to build her new house, paint a new building for a lady who runs a preschool for ~70 children in her own home and spend time working with local people in a small village on the Zambezi gives you skills and insights you would never learn from inside a safari vehicle - like how to build a mud house, hand drawing class materials for pre-schoolers as well as just spending time with some of the most open, relaxed and friendly people you are likely to meet anywhere.

The program in Zambia is very well run by hardworking and friendly people, and I hope to have an opportunity to return in future as it is impossible not to be inspired by such a worthwhile experience.