“very glad we came to puerto jiminez”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

Incredible experience and really enjoyed the project. Good ratio of volunteering to down time, with opportunities to add extra activities if we wished to. Lauren was fantastic - very helpful, made us feel very welcome, helped with any issues that arose and made it the smoothest experience we could have asked for. Really enjoyed visiting the area and very glad we came to puerto jiminez as probably wouldn’t have come so far south had our volunteering not been there.


Great food, friendly locals and access to everything we needed. Getting SIM cards proved tricky but had WiFi pretty much everywhere so wasn’t a problem. Absolutely stunning surrounding, incredible beaches and lots of tourist spots all over the place. Definitely come to Costa Rica if you can as have not had an ounce of regret doing so. Would definitely love to come back.

Project & Staff

Lauren was 10/10. Such a friendly woman, and clear to see she plays a very important role in the community. Worked tirelessly to make sure we had everything we needed and has kept in regular contact as we have moved on to do the rest of our trip in Costa Rica. Lauren had great local knowledge, was able to help with any issues and was overall lovely. Turtle conservation leaders were also fab - Manuel spoke fantastic English and was really informative the entire time. He made sure we were always safe and having a good time. The other helpers were also lovely and really nice to get to know them.


Be prepared that problems may arise - but you can get in contact with co ordinators and easily sort anything out. Make sure to get into conversations with everyone you meet if you can - ask them for recommendations of places to go, food to try etc. Check about transport to and from the conservation project as we had a 40 minute bike ride to get to and from the conservation area as well as a long hike once you are there. We absolutely loved it, but others may not be so up for a heady morning of exercise so just be aware of that.