“children were so welcoming”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    7 / 10

The program was great. We were in a nice town which gave us a very good African experience.


The country was nice. The young people and children were so welcoming and interested in you. However the older people gave you dirty looks and did not like you in their town. There were also some occasions where we were shouted at to put out masks on when no one else had them on just because we were white. The country was lovely but there was a lot of racism or prejudice. [Imogen attended in March 2020, right when the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in around the world. Concerns about the virus may explain the behaviour experienced. It isn't something we normally see from this very welcoming community. Cheers for raising this important issue Imogen!]

Project & Staff

The project was good however it should not be advertised as sports development, it should be called football development because that was the only sport available that was everyday. The staff were good after we had our review, however before the review in the middle of the program they were lazy and didn’t care much.


Do not drink the bags of water, only drink bottled water. The bags made us sick. Enjoy your time there and don’t expect anything from anybody until you see it. A lot of people will say they are going to do something and never will. It’s hard to get your head around but it’s a much more laid back place.