“Keep an open mind”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

My general impression was a positive one. However I would like to point out that as we were being encouraged to carry out arts & crafts with children at different schools where they wouldn't necessarily have access to craftwork accessories at short notice, depending on the size of the class, this made it a little bit difficult.


Having visited Turkey on several occasions, my view hasn't changed- I love this country! The people, not only comprising of Turks, but also from surrounding countries who live and work in Turkey, are mostly warm and friendly. Istanbul especially, is fascinating on so many levels.

Project & Staff

On the whole I was absolutely pleased to be working with the local team - Özlem (I've forgotten her last name) in particular was outstanding in her support of our group.


Keep an open mind. Give yourself time to think about the placement as it pans out. Share your views honestly and constructively with your companions and co-ordinator.