“It was a wonderful experience.”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10


Very hot weather doesn't melt the kindness of Ghanian people. Although still under development, the progress of basic constructions, material improvements, and people's education level are seen. Since I'm from Taiwan and have an Asian face, people always called me China. However, when I explain the origin of me and the situation of Asian countries, they acknowledged very quick. I was so glad to see their quick learning capability.

Project & Staff

The nurses there were very kind and not hesitated to give instructions and helps. I met good friends with all of them and learned precious medical practice experiences. Patients came to the health center are generally very friendly and shy (because of my Asian identity I think), but they were willing to give me chances of taking care of them.


The living expense is cheap. You don't have to bring much money there. Do negotiate, under the help of the local guide, with vendors before paying for transportation or goods. The weather is very hot, so do wear chilling clothes. The local guide will help you wash your clothes and it would be generally clean, so don't worry about the laundry. Remember to bring mosquito-proof spray/ware. Earplug really helps for good sleep quality, especially if you cannot stand the crazy noises from cocks and broadcasts in midnight.