“The local staff made us feel at home”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Fantastic experience. Feel humbled after having spent the past three weeks in a typical Balinese village. Very friendly Host and well behaved school children. Would love to re-visit the place in the not so distant future.


Very green and clean island. Friendly down to earth people. Good food and welcoming atmosphere.

Project & Staff

Was slightly pessimistic but this all changed once I saw how eager the school kids were to learn English. The local staff made us feel at home and were always helpful. Local host was a GEM. Could not do enough to make us feel comfortable. She was a great cook and kept us well fed. She took us to local religious ceremonies, cafe, local sights etc.


Working in the remote village in Bali is the best way to learn the local culture. If this is you aim apart from teaching the local children, then this is the place to volunteer for.