“This program changed my life”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

AMAZING!!! This program changed my life. I really, really loved my time there and wish I could have stayed for longer.


Costa Rica is amazing!!! I wish there was more information on the site about climate / time of the year that it rains / how much it rains in a day, but overall I loved this country. Cost of living / goods is on par with USA, but overall a worthwhile visit.

Project & Staff

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! I loved everyone. They genuinely care about us volunteers and about making a difference in the world. If I was to do this over again, I am 1000% confident in them and wouldn't even hesitate.


Definitely chat with the hosts first. Learn more about the program. Maybe make an alumni network or a current volunteer WhatsApp group so folks can ask questions and such.