“great for those who are volunteering for the first time”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

A very suitable project for those that want to help others. The project was also safe at all times and very accommodating.
The house stay was nearly perfect: the food was excellent; the home-owner was super-friendly, chatty, helpful and a genuine person; and it was situated in a great place with close access to attractions, supermarkets, places to eat etc.
My only issue would be two residents/visitors that frequented the house that could at times be very interfering and a little hostile, which may not be the end of the world, but considering that I've paid for my food+board, I shouldn't have to put up with that. LV: thanks George, we'll look into that.


I have very little to say about the country considering I spent nearly all of my time on the project or learning Spanish or chilling at the home-stay.
It's warm, it's poorer than western European countries, the food is so much better than English cuisine, the wildlife is just as beautiful as Europe's - just different, the people rarely speak English.

Project & Staff

The project at San Roque is great for those who are doing volunteering for the first time, or want an easy, relaxed pace. For those who want to take on more responsibilities or just do more in general are going to find themselves a trifle annoyed. The staff (who don't speak English) at San Roque are great and accommodating. The children at San Roque are just the same as kids from all over the world.

The project working with the Elderly is a little more hands on when working in the kitchen, but only if there is a low turn out of other volunteers. There can be days with a lot to do, and then others when you are only standing around. The staff are friendly and fun, and the OAPs at the project are a mixed bag: some are friendly and chatty, whilst some do not want to communicate. This is obviously not controlled by the project managers however.

The project managers, volunteer managers etc at the foundation are all easy going and very understanding. They have been very accommodating at all times and wanted to help at all times. They are a lovely bunch with hard-working attitudes.


Learn Spanish as much as possible before entering any of the projects. It's of course possible to manage without or with only a basic amount of Spanish, but not only will it help with the project itself, but it will also help you get to know the fun, easy going staff members at the individual projects as they do not speak English. The project coordinators and the home-owner of course do speak English just not at the projects. Learning Spanish will obviously help you in life outside of the home-stay; getting a taxi, ordering a meal, finding where things are etc.