“A life changing experience!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

A life changing experience!

I was 21 when I chose to volunteer in Bosnia. Having been before to Bosnia-Herzegovina I had noticed that meeting people from other countries and learning new things wasn’t as available in Bosnia as in my home country, so it was my wish to contribute in order to give people in Bosnia more chances to meet new people and learn more things.

In preparation for this program I was requested to come up with my own idea for a workshops in Brcko. There was a lot of freedom to fulfill my own wishes. I decided to develop a course on journalism. To give the youth in Brcko the possibility to spread their needs in their community.

During my time as a volunteer I learned to work in a warm, welcoming and diverse team. I not only made a youth magazine with young people from Brcko, but also assisted on other projects such as summer camps, language lessons and a film festival (the first since the war).

Love Volunteers, along with their local team in Bosnia, have proven to be a trustworthy organization, which introduces the volunteer to the local community and supports the volunteer throughout his/her learning process. The program offers a wide range of activities and is most of all a warm welcoming network of inspiring people from all over the world!