“a really valuable eye-opening experience”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I loved my childcare project. The children's home was a lot of fun and a really valuable eye-opening experience. Its an awesome way to see a different culture and get to know people, and there was plenty of down time to explore the area!


Nepal is an awesome country. Everyone is very nice and helpful - although do you need to be assertive and able to say no especially when walking alone. The scenery is beautiful on a clear day. I also went paragliding, trekking, and to other attractions around Pokhara.

Project & Staff

The staff at the children's home were great! There were really helpful if we ever needed anything and happy to help organise things. The project involved helping the children get ready for school, walking them to the bus stop, helping with their studying, teaching some English, and just spending time with them. We also cut vegetables each day for lunch and dinner. I loved my time here so much! We left the children's home a couple of times to teach the children how to ride bikes at the park and to wash clothes at the river.