“Laos people make me feel safe and at home.”

General Impression

I am thoroughly enjoying every experience .
I still can't believe the Universe gifted me this experience with so much more to come!
I am learning a lot . Not only about Laos 's wonderful people but also me.
I love this time in my life.


The Universe put me in the perfect place ! It gets soooooooo HOT!
Laos people make me feel safe and at home. The town is one of the cleanest ( but could use improvement) I have visited in my Asian travels.

Project & Staff

I have worked with Sone and Miss Tin the most. They are outstanding teachers. I highly support The conversation class, it is an important part of the program . This class has taught me much and given me new friends.
Khanty picked me up at the airport. He is a wonderful greeter. Khanty made sure I got my bearings ,town, market ,Lao skirt and settled into my fabulous accommodations that employs superb chefs. Yummmy yummy yummy
Micheal made sure I was ready for class.
Sumsok should be very proud how far his dedication has come and the many that have been schooled.
The only experience I wish was not happening is my severe jet lag. There is a 12 hour difference from New Jersey.I am a warrior and shall survive this only and minor inconvenience .