“Zambia will always be close to my heart!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

The experiences and memories from Zambia will always be close to my heart. This program has a flexible schedule, which made it easy for me to visit for a shorter period of time. The days consisted of assisting in the preschool with children and the teacher. The children loved to hear us coming and were excited to show us many games! We also spent time reading stories to the children in English, and the teacher translated to their tradition language, Lozi. When we left for the day they would interlock our pinkies with theirs as a sign of friendship. I also had the opportunity to help make a mud hut in the village. It was hard work, but was the most rewarding experience knowing I was helping a family and providing them with a home.

Paula (Love Volunteers local coordinator) helped coordinate some activities of interest before arriving in Africa. She easily coordinated a few nights stay in Botswana to visit elephant sands and Chobe national park. Elephant sands was an unbelievable experience as we were a few feet from a dozen elephants at all times! We also went on safaris and visited the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls.