“I loved every minute of it. ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

This experience was more than I could have wished for. As a more mature person, I wasn't sure what to expect and how I would cope doing something entirely out of my comfort zone, but I loved every minute of it. My time in Chiang Mia will always be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.


Thailand is a lovely country to visit and the culture and history are both fascinating and beautiful. Generally, not that many people are able to speak very good English but they still manage to make you feel at home and always with that famous Thai smile. I felt very safe and had the time to go out of the city on day trips to see the sights.

Project & Staff

I thoroughly enjoyed the project and I was put at ease immediately. I had asked that I worked WITH a teacher as I had not previously ever taught, and this is exactly what happened which enabled me to have the confidence to try things that I had never done before. One of them being helping some blind students.

The third week I went to a primary school and I even managed to teach a class on my own for the first time ever. Bit daunting, but got through it!!


Be flexible and don't expect it to be like the English system of education. Go with a smile on your face and you will be doubly rewarded. Our help is so appreciated.

I did email a previous volunteer before leaving and got many tips from him; one of them being to take enough resources. This was to be my saving grace and meant that I didn't have to waste time sourcing materials (in a foreign country not the easiest thing to do).

I would also recommend asking about the accommodation.In advance, I had asked not to share a room as I don't sleep well. However, I had to move to a small, cheap hotel due to the noise outside where I was staying. The Volunteering organisation staff were very helpful in this matter though.

From the very beginning, I joined in with my group too (age being no barrier) and this enhanced my experience so much too. We often ate together and went on trips together too.