“Experience of a lifetime!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

The truth is that you can't even describe it. How good it can make in your life, and, most important, the impact it can have in life of others. My name is Carina Baptista, I'm from Portugal and this experience with Love Volunteers was way more rich than I first expected.

I was in Nepal for to weeks, helping in an orphanage. It was overwhelming realized that almost every kid could talk in English or understand well the language. I had the chance to get to know the kids very well and had really good conversations with them. I had to taught English to the small kids, and I did that making drawings with them and ask for how to say the color or number in English, and I also gave English lessons to an old boy, so you get a really chance to improve your English if that's on of you're goals. Plus I had enough time to get to know the city and talk to local people, also in English.

In other hand I learn how to cook some of their common dishes, I learn somethings about their culture and religion habits. I had to clean sometimes. It's not all fancy work, you have to be open mind about the type of work you will need to do. Sometimes it's difficult, you feel tired a lot of times. But I can promise you all the work you do it's worth it.

There you realize the real meaning of a smile, the importance of share and be kind and realize that material stuff aren't so important after all.

Because I stayed in a poor orphanage I was forced to became almost vegetarian when I was there, because meet or fish was to expensive for them. So, if you are expecting big meals when you come to places like mine, don't. But, I can promise you you will be really well treated. You won't crave for food, you will only appreciate more every single food you are used to eat in you're country more when you go back. Plus, there are plenty places were you can eat different foods, but, if you want my advice, don't. Give yourself the experience to really feel whats really important in life and what's really necessary in life.

You will get the experience of a lifetime and you would really understand what a smile means for real.

One more advice: make sure you get prepare for the poor electricity and poor or no wi-fi. I find it good at the end because I really felt the experience myself, not with the feeling that I need a photo or a video to remember it, because it was craved in my heart. But It can be also a challenge to make sure you're family know you are ok.