“beneficial overall.”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

The program itself is pretty good and beneficial overall. I am able to explore more in the field of journalism as well as travel around Morocco. I interned at Morocco World News, where I gain new perspectives Moroccan history and politics through my working content and my colleagues' experiences. I was also able to make new friends and the program coordinator in Rabat helps me to find a teacher to study Arabic. However, a lot of details of this program is not very organized(probably due to Moroccan culture, not the problem of the program itself). The program coordinator didn't communicate some things clearly in the very beginning, which left me feeling confused a lot of the times.


Morocco is a very welcoming and hospitable country. However, sexual harassment is definitely a problem for females. But as long as you are cautious with what you wear, and times and locations that you go out, you should be fine. My female friends and I haven't encountered anything too serious. Also, I feel like Moroccan men can be quite aggressive at times in language and behaviors. It is important to note that it's mainly because that's just their normal way of acting, not because they mean to be aggressive.

Project & Staff

The project is beneficial to me, but it can get tedious at times. It is mainly sitting in an office writing articles. You may find opportunities to interview people if you can find connections and opportunities by yourselves.


Be more approachable and outgoing if you want to make friends with your colleagues. This is a very quiet working space.