“My overall impression is that this opportunity was great!!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

The other volunteers were wonderful and tought me evertyhing I needed to know. It was a little bit dersorganized but nothing to biggie.
Jenny, the only biologist had an unfertunate accident I was not there, I wish I could have met her and learn from her but I know is nobody fault!
The turtles were wonderful and so cute, I loved taking care of them. The Island was amazing and getting free time was wonderful. My overall impression is that this opportunity was great !!


Australia is an amazing place with wonderful people

Project & Staff

The project is great, wish I had learn more about the Turtles and how they live but we are all volunteers so a bit complicated. The staff (the volunteers that go there all year round) were all very nice and tried to teach us everything they could. Hopefully the Turtles will be freed soon!!


Be patient, always listen to what the staff tells you to do and enjoy the company of the turtles :)