“Ongoing support for volunteers throughout the placement”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I can't recommend this placement highly enough! I had an incredible four weeks in Nablus and plan to return as soon as work committments back home allow


Based in Nablus for one month, and also seeing as much of Palestine as time and logistics permitted, I learned so much more about this amazing country than what the Western media typically disseminates. Nabulsians (and Palestinians in general) are some of the most resilient people I have ever met, living under occupation yet continuing in their daily lives with every aspiration for the future. Even though there are certainly constraints in place, especially in terms of infrastructure, there are also creative solutions to be found at every opportunity. Palestinians are more than willing to help with any issues that might come up, and are also incredibly helpful, patient, friendly and kind.

Project & Staff

The local team are extremely professional and well organized, and there was ongoing support for volunteers throughout the placement. Volunteer interests, skills and schedules were discussed in collaboration with the local team, both before coming to Nablus and then again on arrival (as well as during the placement). All the volunteer work was extremely rewarding and made a valuable contribution to the organization and its clients. There were many opportunities for discussion and social events, both planned and informal. One of the highlights was getting to know the local volunteers/translators who accompanied us on a daily basis, not only did they help us navigate everyday life in Nablus, but often became friends.


Before you go: try to learn as much as you can about Palestine, its history and current situation - people will be genuinely curious about why you are there, and will be interested in what you know (and don't know). While there: The local team also has the option of Arabic tuition for volunteers which I recommend, as you will be speaking at least some Arabic on a daily basis.