“...prepare for the numerous hugs you will get from the kids!!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

This experience was amazing! I was given so many opportunities to help others by teaching English and also feel that my Spanish has improved greatly! The programme gives you plenty of free time to explore Guatemala at the weekends, which is an added bonus.


Guatemala is absolutely stunning. The people are so welcoming and friendly, the landscape is beautiful, and the climate is more than manageable (this coming from an Irishman!). I only wish I selected a longer time frame to stay here!

Project & Staff

The staff are very helpful and encourage us to travel as much as possible. Their office doors are always open for us to pop in to have a coffee, talk to them and use their WiFi. Overall they have been so helpful and made the experience very easy to organise.


Only do this particular experience if you really enjoy teaching and education. You are practically working full time in a school! Also, prepare for the numerous hugs you will get from the kids!!