“The LV local team in Guatemala treated me very well!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Back in undergrad I knew I wanted to participate in a volunteer service program abroad following graduation. Given the circumstances surrounding the graduate program to which I was applying, I had a pretty limited time frame for the project. I found Love Volunteers online, and I liked how flexible, cheap, and diverse their options were. I decided that their Guatemala healthcare project suit my interests and abilities best, and within a couple weeks I was registered and making my travel arrangements.

The LV local team in Guatemala treated me very well, and they helped me out during my first two weeks with my Spanish lessons. My first host family was also really good to me, and during my time with them I had the opportunity to do some traveling, learn about their lives, and try some foods I had not previously had.

My assignment began, and I experienced some difficulties that stemmed mainly from my inability to speak as well as I should have. The work in my assignment, however, was very interesting and engaging, and there were plenty of opportunities for me as well as those that I worked with to learn from each other. I was able to meet some amazing people during this experience and make many new North American/Central American/European friends. I would recommend this project to any health professional or student interested in living outside of their native country for an extended period of time!