“I will always remember my experience!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Right off the bat, Uganda was a shock to the senses. But once I got used to all of the cultural differences, I fell in love.

The people there were so warm and inviting, and extremely helpful when I tried to get around. Not to mention how lovely and helpful Bazil and his family were. They made me feel like a part of their own family, and had me over for dinner when I was done working at their local primary school.

Lwaynonyi Primary School was probably the perfect fit for me. At first, it was an extremely hard adjustment, but after a while I grew used to how the school ran. The kids there were beautiful. In the beginning, they would only stare at me from afar, wondering who this muzungu was. After the first week, they began to come up and talk with me. Then they invited me to play netball with them, sing songs with them. The best part was when they tried to teach me Luganda. Because their accents are quite thick, I would almost always mess up the word the first time, until they spelled it out for me. This would result in hysterical laughter from them.

I will always remember my experience here. Because of this experience, I hope to continue traveling to Eastern Africa, and plan on going back to Uganda this coming year.