“ I enjoyed every moment!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

In Kenya I lived and worked on the IDP camp. A typical day entailed greeting the students in the morning at school. As I enter the school grounds the children would greet me by crowding around me and demanding that I dance for them. The first day I arrived at the IDP camp, I taught the children how to dance, so every time they saw me they wanted me to dance for them. Dancing relaxed them, and kept the minds off the struggles they endured. I also assisted the teachers with assigning assignments and grading them as well.

I worked extensively renovating the school at the camp. I painted the interior and exteriors, planted flowers and watered them everyday. Renovating the school did not come without challenges. There were little to no money and supplies to get the job done, therefore I along with other volunteers contributed our own money to get the job done. With a week left to volunteer I was behind in completing the renovation because I was the only volunteer left at the camp. Determined to finish the job I started, I recruited some of the local youth to assist me with the renovation. I am happy to say that within a short period of time the renovation was completed and the look on the school teachers faces were priceless.

I had a great time at IDP camp. I enjoyed every moment of the experience. The children are awesome. Despite the struggles they endured on a day to day basis, they manage to always smile. I never seen such resiliency. I admire and adore the children at IDP.