“very good people”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    8 / 10

It was a wonderful experience what I lived there at the farm with Angel and Sandra.The condition were rough,that s true,but at the end I had started to enjoy and actually feeling very sad because I had to go,but I needed to continue my journey. They are amazing,very good people which I ve fallen in love in just a short period of time. My first two days there were the hardest and not because of the work ( i needed some physical work after so much time spent in front of the laptop working), but because of the harsh conditions to live,and the almost continious rain...but then I started to realize that I appreaciate their free way of life,the smile,the laughter and their Pura Vida.I've learned that It's not that easy to live in Paradis if you don't know how to build your own Paradise..
It's been a true life lesson, and I hope all the best for them and I would like to come back to the farm at some point in the future.
And thank you for everything for being there in my first days in Costa Rica.
Pura Vida! 😊🌸