“I would definately recommend this ”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

I loved this experience. It was very challenging but also very full filling. Everyday I was there, felt like and adventure, and i learned something new with every step i took. I also met very kind and amazing people! I felt accompanied and supported by the local staff at all times, so it made feel very safe. I would definately recommend this NGO, program and country to everybody.


India is an amazing country, full of magic, kind people, beautiful landscapes and history!!! Every city is different and has its own charm. New Delhi is very dirty, caothic, the traffic and driving is crazy, but is a city full of life... Udaipur is the dream city, beautiful architecture, surrounded by lakes, and amazing views. Jaipur is beautiful, magical, full of nature, lovely animals and incredible history!! and Agra... there's nothing else besides the Taj Mahal in Agra, but definately worth it!! The symbol of true love!!

Project & Staff

Very kind staff. The Jaipur project with the elephants its amazing! The animals are so well taken care of and they really seem happy; each of the mahouts really cares for his elephant.


Bring very comfortable shoes (sneakers, hiking boots), a lot of pants (yoga, loose) and basic t-shirts, do not bother bringing cute or expensive clothes (at least not to wear them daily) because they'll get ruined. Also, bring your own washing soap so you can wwash your clothes during your trip. It is important to know that in any program you do, you'll get very dirty and sweat a lot, so bring loads of spare clothing. Since you'll be eating new foods and tastes, I recommend bringing medicine for your stomach and digestion. Also, bring back packs (not luggage with wheels), since you'll probably be traveling in trains a lot.