“Working with the kids has been amazing”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

My 5 weeks in Ghana where amazing. Since the first day, you feel comfortable with the coordinator of volunteers and he will show you and introduce you to all the important things you need to know before start you work there. Working with the kids has been amazing and they where so happy to have me there helping with what I can. I'm so so happy with the experience.


Ghana is one of the most Democratic countries in Africa and it is a safe place. I was placed in Senya Beraku in Volta region and there everybody has been nice and sweet with me. Most of the kids knew me on the streets because of the training and they were so nice to me at any time

Project & Staff

The program was good, there were a lot of places and things to help every that. The foundation has the principal project oriented to the orphanage they have with 50 kids that live there to have better opportunities and a good education. Although they also have a clinic, sports, special needs and construction projects that you can help if you want.

The staff was absolutely perfect, the coordinator of volunteers was so good to me and he showed me all the places and experiences in the region, also he helpt me a lot with all the questions and issues I could have.


Enjoy your state in Senya since the first day, try to help as much as you can and don't lose your time! At the end, you'll not want to leave.