“Istanbul is a wonderful city”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I am Ahmed from Bahrain. I've volunteered in a middle school in Istanbul to help the Turkish students in the English lessons. It was the most challenging experience I've ever had. I felt in love with the environment and everything was going in the right way. The children were lovely and grateful and they were utilizing their efforts to learn and practice more. I hope that I'll come back again soon. My thankfulness to Love Volunteers for offering me this great chance which increases my self confidence and my desire to help others.


Istanbul is a wonderful city in which you cannot get bored in it. Many activities you can do in your free time. It has a perfect transportation system including buses and metro stations as well as the taxies which were found everywhere. You will not face any difficulties in hiring to the project site. It is better to have a mobile 4G service with internet connection so that it'll be easier to find your correct way. You'll enjoy the turkish cuisine which are diverse and delicious.

Project & Staff

The school staff were very friendly and cooperative especially the English teachers as they help to break the language barrier with the children. They are always available when I require any help. The children were very friendly and intimate and they accept my presence with them. Other teachers were very gregarious and they invited me to attend their classes.


You will absolutely get familiar with your stay in Turkey. You will love the project and the environment. Everyone here send their greetings to you. It's better to have an internet connection with you to stay in touch with your assistant. I recommend volunteering in this project with Love Volunteers.