Volunteer in Bosnia

Program Snapshot

Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
18 years + (17 with parental consent)
Minimum Stay: 
4 weeks
Airport Pickup: 
Not Included.
LV registration fee, plus program fees from just US$106 per week!
Volunteer house. Self-Catered.
Minimum Intermediate English required. Some knowledge of the local dialect will be beneficial.

Program overview


The Bosnian War of 1992-95 which ripped apart the former Yugoslavia brought with it violence and devastation of unprecedented scale. This ethnically rooted war left in its wake great division between the people of this once united region long after the guns were lowered. Two decades later the remnants of racial hated still divide the people of the region who teeter on the edge of social and political instability.

Through our wonderful partner organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Love Volunteers aims to support local and international efforts to put an end to the racial segregation by removing the inherited prejudice of the regions next generation – its children.

Brcko, where our Bosnian projects are based, is the central town of Brcko District, an area in the North-East of Bosnia that acts as a crossroads between the Bosnian Muslim-Croat Federation, the Bosnian Serb Republic, and Croatia. In March 1999, the district was awarded special multi-ethnic status as the "BrĨko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina", and given the freedom to operate on a self-governing basis, making Brcko the only officially recognized ‘multi-ethnic’ state in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of this special status, Brcko has the opportunity to act as a model for a successful, multi-ethnic Bosnia. Together we seek to work with young people from all ethnicities in the area, in the hopes of making this possibility a reality.

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