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Love Volunteers is focused on providing affordable volunteering in Asia. Our specialist experience in arranging responsible, safe volunteer programs in South East Asia and beyond offers volunteers the opportunity to explore this incredible region confident that you are giving back in a meaningful way.

Join our popular volunteer programs in Asia and become part of the movement for positive change in the stunning destinations of Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bali. With year round short-term volunteer programs in Asia, available for 1 week or more there’s an option to suit everyone and we make certain that your time is well spent. Volunteering in Asia with Love Volunteers is the opportunity of a lifetime!


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Volunteering in Thailand is bound to leave lasting memories. The most satisfying experience for volunteers comes through interacting with the people of Thailand, learning something of the language, and throwing yourself into work designed to help the local community. Love Volunteers' partner have vast experience of guiding and overseeing volunteers during their placements. We do all we can to ensure that volunteers in Thailand derive real benefit from their stay in Thailand, while remaining safe and gaining the respect of the people with whom they come into contact.

To spend time in Thailand – not merely holiday there – is eye-opening for all concerned. Whether teaching English, working outdoors, or at the elephant camp, every volunteer in Thailand becomes deeply immersed in this Far Eastern culture and gains an otherwise unattainable insight into a fascinating and vastly different culture.

Thailand is known as one of the most popular South East Asian travel destinations. Its beauty and the innocent friendliness of the Thai people is legendary. For trekking, scuba-diving, beach fun and eating, Thailand offers unique experiences.

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Volunteering in Vietnam is a great opportunity for those interested in Southeast Asian culture and wanting to help the people of a country that is suffering the knock-on effects of a war which laid waste to much of the countryside. Despite more than 30 years of peace, recovery has been slow and the country continues to experience social problems, poverty, as well as health and disability issues. Love Volunteers' local partner organization, based in Hanoi, began its operations in 2005 and has continually expanded, so that it now organises an array of volunteering opportunities.

The rewards that volunteering in Vietnam bring include the undeniable satisfaction of making a daily impact on the lives of individuals affected by low levels of economic and educational opportunities, as well as poor health care. Volunteering provides you with the chance to meet local people who are eager to introduce you to their world, its customs and its outlook on life.

The volunteering work facilitated by our NGO partner in Vietnam includes teaching children, supporting projects designed to enhance poor women’s economic situation, promoting bio-diversity, conservation and eco-tourism within a national park. They are also active in the renovation of childcare centres, schools and houses, as well as installing disabled access and upgrading toilet facilities at the organisation’s own centre for disabled children.

With competent, dedicated staff on hand, volunteers in Vietnam can be certain of being usefully deployed whilst being fully supported.

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Nestled between Thailand and Vietnam with borders with China, Cambodia and Myanmar, Laos is a little known jewel in the South-East Asian peninsula. 

Like its neighbour Vietnam, Laos was under French rule for an extended period and its language, food and culture still retain traces of this connection.  Unfortunately extended periods of unrest and civil war have resulted in widespread poverty and a lack of any real progress in areas such as education, health and infrastructure since independence in 1975.

Our volunteer programs are in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site of Luang Prabang, lying alongside the mighty Mekong River in the North of the country.  As well as extensive natural beauty in the form of mountains, waterfalls and caves this area is famous for its many Buddhist Monasteries and Temples, known locally as ‘Wats’. Buddhist Monks in their distinctive orange robes are a common site as are the breath-taking sunsets over the Mekong.

Described as “languid and lovely” by Lonely Planet this ancient town is the rare combination of stunning natural beauty lying alongside man-made wonders and all contained within a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. 

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As one of the poorest countries in Asia, Nepal is crying out for volunteers’ intent on making an impact on their fellow humans’ living conditions amid a distinctly different culture. Past volunteers have been bowled over by how friendly and welcoming the Nepalese people are.

Volunteers in Nepal are required year-round to help ensure that the process of sustainable development continues uninterrupted.  The primary goal of all of the programs is the improvement of quality of life and living standards for the Nepalese, with particular emphasis on the most disadvantaged of the country’s communities.

Volunteering in Nepal is not just a great chance to learn and experience the Nepalese way of life, it also offers interesting challenges leading to personal growth and a deepening of wisdom, judgement and understanding. Volunteering overseas is something that everyone should do at some point in their life. And, to do so in the dramatic country of Nepal allows the volunteer to step into a complex society where traditional, un-modernised elements jostle with cosmopolitan development. Most crucial of all for volunteers in Nepal is the fact that the projects where they work give people the tools they need to enhance their lives.

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Volunteering in India through Love Volunteers is a marvellous way to experience this most distinctive of countries. Anyone electing to volunteer here is certain to have a life-changing and memorable time. What makes volunteering so personally satisfying is the degree of interaction with the people of your host country, and the knowledge that one’s contribution is truly needed. Love Volunteers and our partner in India have done everything to ensure volunteers gain real benefit from their stay here, while remaining safe and gaining the respect of the people with whom they come into contact.

Much of the challenge and the pleasure derived from the meeting of cultures takes place when a volunteer embarks on the India experience. Encountering unfamiliar ways of thinking, speaking, and interacting will mean that you are constantly challenged and able to absorb the customs and culture of this enchanting country. Love Volunteers' partner in India hosts placements in Delhi and Palampur.

Volunteering in India involves assisting on any one of a large selection of projects available, from working with children to developing sports opportunities. A range of personal skills will come into play, including decision-making, and initiative, as well as creative problem-solving. You’ll need stamina, resourcefulness, respect and a sense of humour.

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Volunteering in Sri Lanka with Love Volunteers is the perfect introduction to this diverse and fascinating country. As with all our placements, volunteers work side by side with locals which provides a unique insight into the people and the culture of the country. Love Volunteers and our partner in Sri Lanka work closely to ensure volunteers both impart and gain real benefit from their stay here, while remaining safe and gaining the respect of the local people.

Undoubtedly volunteers will encounter unfamiliar ways of thinking, speaking, and interacting, meaning they are constantly absorbing the customs and culture of Sri Lanka. With wonderful beaches, marvellous mountains, lush green forests, exciting wildlife, spectacular cities or ancient history, Sri Lanka packs in a lot of excitement within its small borders.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka will see participants helping on one of the following projects: Teaching English in government schools, working with children with disabilities, working with children in kindergartens and pre-schools, or assisting in a medical setting. Placement locations include Galle on the south west coast, Badulla which is about 230km from Colombo towards the eastern slopes of the central hills of Sri Lanka, and Wattala which is a large suburb only a short distance from Colombo city centre.

A range of personal skills will come into play, including decision-making, and initiative, as well as creative problem-solving. You’ll need stamina, resourcefulness, respect and a sense of humour.

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Love Volunteers offer very worthwhile opportunities to volunteer in Cambodia across a range of fields, all of which can make a difference within a country where poverty is at the top of the list of concerns.

Volunteers have the choice of working in schools, clinics and hospitals, in social work settings and the fields of law and human rights. There is, alternatively, the prospect of devoting your time in Cambodia to teaching either English or vocational skills.

No matter which project you opt for, resourcefulness is of the essence. Funding is very tight; hence, volunteers need to bring initiative to their projects and the flexibility to suggest creative solutions.

Volunteering in an unfamiliar land is always a challenge. But it will be one of those times in your life when you feel most alive, one to look back on with satisfaction. A spell spent volunteering can be a great prelude to higher education or a means of broadening your experience in preparation for a settled career. Whether fitted into a gap-year before studies, as an alternative to a holiday, or marking a lull between jobs, volunteering in Cambodia is a great opportunity to live closely among and to help a population urgently requiring assistance of every kind.

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The Indonesian island of Bali is a well known tourist destination; popular for its diverse natural environs, advanced arts scene and cultural heritage. Stunningly beautiful scenery combined with the richness of cultural displays and traditions make this island an absolute treat and treasure to behold.

A past scarred by internal conflict has resulted in high levels of poverty and inadequate public education. Volunteers play a vital role in bridging the gap for children desperate to learn; helping them to improve the poor standards of living endured by their parents.

Volunteering in Bali is a unique way to experience this island paradise whilst building stronger communities and improving the quality of life for those who call this island home.

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