Volunteer in Thailand

Program Snapshot

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Surin, Kanchanaburi and Koh Samui Island
18 years +
Minimum Stay: 
1 week
Airport Pickup: 
8am-8pm on the Friday preceding the program date
LV Registration Fee + Program Fees from just US$425 for one week.
Volunteer House.
Intermediate English

Program overview

Volunteering in Thailand is bound to leave lasting memories. The most satisfying experience for volunteers comes through interacting with the people of Thailand, learning something of the language, and throwing yourself into work designed to help the local community. Love Volunteers' partner have vast experience of guiding and overseeing volunteers during their placements. We do all we can to ensure that volunteers in Thailand derive real benefit from their stay in Thailand, while remaining safe and gaining the respect of the people with whom they come into contact.

To spend time in Thailand – not merely holiday there – is eye-opening for all concerned. Whether teaching English, working outdoors, or at the elephant camp, every volunteer in Thailand becomes deeply immersed in this Far Eastern culture and gains an otherwise unattainable insight into a fascinating and vastly different culture.

Thailand is known as one of the most popular South East Asian travel destinations. Its beauty and the innocent friendliness of the Thai people is legendary. For trekking, scuba-diving, beach fun and eating, Thailand offers unique experiences.

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