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Jamaica mi waa Volunteer

Programs in Jamaica are on hold for now.

Jamaica’s fame preceeds it and Love Volunteers, in close partnership with a local NGO, provide an opportunity to be involved in the future of this captivating Caribbean Island whilst enjoying the abundance of fun on offer.

Natural wonders are what this island does best and volunteers have plenty of free time to undertake activities in the lush green slopes of the interior and in and around the water. Simply soaking up the rich rhythm of life on bustling city steets is a joy, particularly in Mandeville, the base for our programs in Jamaica. A cool relief from both the heat and crowds of coastal citiies, Mandeville offers a glimpse into real life for local Jamaicans.

Like the island itself Love Volunteers’ programs offer something for everyone. Whether Education, Sports or Childcare; a Medical, Dental or or Physiotherapy Internship; or conserving this beautiful island paradise through Environmental Conservation or Construction; whatever your penchant this enchanting island nation needs volunteers like you!


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