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The 'Top 5 Must-Do's' When Volunteering in Cambodia!

Bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia is right in the heart of South East Asia. A torrid history ofviolence and colonial occupation has left the country greatly impoverished and underdeveloped, which means the need for enthusiastic volunteers is high. Luckily, there’s a lot to be enthusiastic about in this naturally beautiful country!

Top 5 'Must-Do's' While Volunteering in Tanzania!

Volunteering in Tanzania is incredible. Only a 5 hour bus journey from Nairobi, Kenya but a noticeably different culture and people.

Top 10 Things To Do While Volunteering in Thailand

Volunteering is a rewarding and unique way

Top 5 'must-do's' while volunteering in Kenya!

Volunteering in Kenya is a great way to see an absolutely amazing country! Throughout your volunteer experience you will become part of the local community and see so much more than the average tourist.

Volunteering: The challenges and the triumphs

By making the choice to volunteer, you unlock a whole dimension to yourself that could just lie dormant and untested your entire life. You get to experience life in another country.

Group Volunteer Programs: Sharing is caring!

Lets face it...some things in life are best shared with friends..

Top cost-effective spring break volunteer trips

What will you be doing this spring break?