Volunteer in Russia

Program Snapshot

St Petersburg
18 years +
Minimum Stay: 
2 weeks.
Airport Pickup: 
LV registration fee plus program fees from US$1100 for two weeks.
Homestay with breakfast and dinner.
Intermediate English. Some Russian and Ukrainian strongly recommended.

Program overview

Love Volunteers is working closely with local partners to offer placements in this astounding country with its incredibly rich history. The profile of a volunteer is not fixed or narrow; people from every type of background embark on volunteering. While many make the decision to volunteer during a gap year, others find that a stint volunteering is a rewarding option when between jobs. Giving a genuinely new perspective on life, volunteering can broaden one’s outlook, provide insights into other cultures and open up avenues for forming lasting friendships.

Choosing the Russian Federation for volunteering – whether in the medical or educational sphere – is a decision that could profoundly affect your life. The emphasis during the programs we offer is equally on learning the Russian language as it is on working to help others. The experience offers a wonderful chance to learn Russian, an ideal language to acquire in today’s world.

Spending time in the new Russia where post-Soviet changes have meant a re-assessment of values and a re-vitalization of much that originally made Russia great is an eye-opening experience. Volunteering here gives rare glimpses of this society, including contact with less advantaged citizens, each of whom has his or her story to tell.

For more information about Russia and the region check out Lonely Planet and Wikitravel. Also, check out the amazing photos in our Volunteer in Russia albums on Facebook and Pinterest!