Volunteer in Ethiopia

Program Snapshot

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
18 years +
Minimum Stay: 
2 weeks
Airport Pickup: 
Included. Programs begin on any day.
LV registration fees plus program fees from US$400 for two weeks.
Volunteer house or homestay. Breakfast and dinner provided.
Good English.

Program overview

Through our partner NGO in Ethiopia, we at Love Volunteers are seeking volunteers right now. Opportunities in a variety of fields constantly arise, each aimed at making a palpable difference to people’s lives in a country which suffered decades of famine, war and other disasters. Volunteering in Ethiopian projects includes working with children in orphanages, schools and in medical programs. Ethiopia volunteers live with local Ethiopian host families for the duration of their placement.

Taking the step of volunteering overseas, especially in such a challenging environment, is something you will look back on with pride and with a greater understanding of humanity and its problems. Volunteers in Ethiopia come from many walks of life and are all ages. You may be considering volunteering in Ethopia during a gap-year before studies, as a new graduate or while between jobs. What you will gain is a firsthand experience of being with and helping people in a country ravaged by poverty and in need of urgent assistance.

Ethiopia is an awe-inspiring country with a dramatic history. The efforts of volunteers are never wasted and indeed have a measurable impact on those individuals and families most affected by poverty. In Ethiopia, you could be engaged on projects helping children in orphanages, working in schools or on medical programs.

Past volunteers in Ethiopia have broadened their outlook on life. Inevitably, there will be a re-assessment of your values as a result of your time spent as a volunteer. The experience is bound to leave you better equipped to face future challenges in your life. While there, you may well feel frustrated at times, and possibly overwhelmed by the challenges, but you can rest assured that you are making a difference.

Lying in the east of Africa, Ethiopia’s vistas and landscapes are immensely dramatic. Here, you will find the Simien Mountains and the Bale Mountains, both of which have wildlife that can be viewed nowhere else in the world. In contrast, there is the Danakil Depression to the north, where the hostile terrain offers that chance for extreme adventure. For more info about traveling in Ethiopia get a copy of Lonely Planet and Wikitravel.