“I spent a beautiful time with the children!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

This my first volunteer opportunity. I always wanted to be with children .
Why Ukraine? I was not sure at the beginning. I am originally Palestinian and I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE .
As it turned out, I spent a beautiful time with the children. Children are the same everywhere, all they need security and affection.

They need to know you see them, see through them, that they are not just a number.
I met some lovely boys and girls and I will really miss them.They are bright, polite and very loving. They are open and want to learn new things.
To them I was a complete puzzle coming from a faraway land but they welcomed me with open arms and we were able to exchange information about our cultures.
The children in the autistic centre live under difficult conditions and really need a lot of help.
At some points I felt so helpless .How can anyone help so many at once? But I decided the best thing was to take one step at a time.

It took so little to please these kids, a stamp, a balloon, they are a joy to be with.
I would like to thank the teachers and my coordinator Sasha for taking care of me during my stay. I felt welcome and safe
Definitely an experience I will never forget and I highly recommend.