“Childcare & Development”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    9 / 10

Overall, I had a wonderful experience working under the supervision of the local team. It was certainly a culture shock to see the level of education in this country. I enjoyed that I got to give my time to help children in their Spanish studies which allowed me to brush up on my skills as well as support them in studying the English language.


Costa Rica was absolutely incredible. The general Pura Vida outlook on life really touched and rocked my soul. I loved their culture, positivity, passion, and happiness. On top of it the beach an nature were incredible.

Project & Staff

I enjoyed working with everyone at the school! The teachers had so much patience and allowed us to jump in and help their students! Marco was a great leader. He always was always available to pick us up, give us advice, and helped us figure out Jaco.


Go in with an open mind. You will truly learn so much about yourself by being surrounded in a new environment. I cannot wait to do a trip like this again!