“The orphanage was a wonderful place!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I arrived in Kenya really late at night, and after all the bad things I’d heard you can imagine how I was feeling and what I was thinking. But as I passed by people, officers and other civilians, they would ask if I needed help getting a cab or finding my way around. They were much nicer than I was led to believe and I soon felt at ease. Kenyans were lovely people with the brightest smiles. They might stare at you sometimes and give you weird looks because you’re not from this country, this happens often, but they are still some really amazing people.

The orphanage was a wonderful place. The walk to it was all uphill, but still great. You get some good views on the way and always run into someone who wants to say hello. There is a lot of amazing scenery in Kenya. It’s a very beautiful country. ALWAYS had my camera with me. At the orphanage, I fell in love with every one of the children and I wish I could have stayed forever. While taking care of a big group of toddlers is hard work, it was also very rewarding. I admire and am inspired by all of the women who take care of those children every day. They were wonderful ladies and I adored them. You had to learn how to do things quick (the rituals of feeding time, the way they clothe them, how to change a diaper, etc.) because they get a little irritated if you don’t! I learned quickly and always looked forward to seeing everyone each day. The kids love to play and they love to just sit in your lap and be loved and it is the greatest feeling in the world to love on these babies. It’s also very sad. Money is tight there so there is always worry of not having enough of something or fear of the babies getting sick and not being able to help them. It’s a scary thing, but I always just hoped that everything would be okay.

Transportation is super interesting. Definitely not like it is in America. They’ve got some amazing drivers in Kenya! No American can drive that way. I feared for my life some times, but it was always a good experience to be on a matatu or a bus. I learned something different everyday in Kenya. I even picked up on a bit of Swahili and different traditions and beliefs. It’s very interesting, learning about the ways of other people. During the safari, we got to meet the Massai tribe, who are wonderful people and amazing at getting you to buy things! Their traditions and beliefs just blow you away, because it isn’t something you see here in America or in some other countries. It’s so interesting to learn about. I wish I didn’t have to leave and leaving was very hard. I met some amazing people and amazing kids and I wish I got to stay. I learned a lot and did more than expected. I fell in love with Kenya. I’ll be going back for sure, I haven’t finished loving all of those babies yet!