“I had an incredible time volunteering with LV!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

I had an incredible time volunteering with LV in Montezuma. Everyone I worked with was incredible and all of the people in the town were so nice. The turtle project is really big in the community and when you tell locals you are volunteering with the hatchery they love talking about it. A lot of tourists also come up and ask you about the work you are doing.

Every day you do an activity such as planting trees, visiting the school, beach cleanups, etc. Then you also have hatchery duty and go on patrols at night to look for turtles and collect their eggs. I learned a lot about the turtles and how I can help protect them.

Overall the experience was incredible. Working with the project is so much fun and you actually see your work getting done. Sea turtles have such a low rate of survival so all the work done is making a difference! I cannot wait to go back!