“Ukrainian people are very warm and friendly”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Volunteering was something I wanted to do for quite some time but like many plans and dreams due to the flow of daily life it just never came to be. Finally within short notice I decided to participate as a volunteer and chose Love Volunteers. One of the reasons why I chose Ukraine is because I am learning Russian and thought that this could be as well an excellent opportunity to improve my language skills. This proved to be very useful as I was able to communicate with the children to a good extent without the need of translators. They were very curious and asked me all sort of questions about my home country, family, traditions, likes and dislikes. They taught me as well a lot of new words in Russian!

I spent a total of two weeks volunteering in this program and alternated orphanages between 2 towns. This alternation was also a good opportunity for me to experience two different models of orphanages with different needs and problems. What both had in common; was that they had wonderful children! The experience was very rewarding for me although I left with the feeling that my stay was too short. I hope that even though I was there only for 2 weeks, that my time spent with the children was a quality one and that it contributed a little bit to improve their lives.

About Ukraine in general I can only say that I leave with the best of impressions. This gave me the opportunity to know the culture deeper, staying with a local family. I also made many friends in my free time. Ukrainian people are very warm and friendly.

A lot has been said from previous volunteers about Alex, the program coordinator. I can only confirm all these positive statements. He was very professional, helpful and highly committed to this purpose. I for sure am looking forward to coming back for a second time.