“Thank you Love Volunteers!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

It was like a dream that came to an end. Every single person I have met, every single activity I have been in, has been a great and real experience.

My kids in the school have been adorable, I did my best to contribute to them few words, few sentences and helped them to write and play and socialize. The teachers in the school were very friendly with me, and the music teacher even invited me to a great classical concert in Cobano which was unforgettable.

Teacher Leslie was helping me with my Spanish a lot, such a kind and gentle woman she was. The PE (sports teacher) also asking me to participate for few activities, which was really great. I wish only that I could have stayed longer, as I felt the kids in the school gained a lot from my help.

I have made friends for life time, from Germany, from France, from Costa Rica, from Mexico, from everywhere. Montezuma has been the sun in my life for two months. Thank you Love Volunteers for making this possible!