“My volunteering experience in Ukraine was a great one!”

General Impression

Overall Rating:    10 / 10

Overall, I thought that my volunteering experience in Ukraine was a great one! I really enjoyed myself. The volunteer coordinator Alex did a good job in meeting my needs and making sure I had a good experience!

I was able to volunteer at three different places, which I liked. The volunteer coordinator was helpful in placing me in the settings which I preferred. I enjoy working with people who have disabilities, as it is close to my heart, and I was placed at two different settings with people with disabilities. In addition to interacting with both kids and adults at these places, I also had the opportunity to teach English to some kids at another place. The kids really appreciated me and they taught me many things as well. I will miss all of them!

In addition to volunteering, the volunteer coordinator helped to arrange cultural events for me which I was interested in. He and his family invited me to different events in the city, such as traditional Ukrainian dancing, a bandura concert, and nice art exhibitions.

I couldn't have asked for a better home placement. I stayed with a very nice woman for three months. I am a vegetarian and she accommodated me and always made delicious meals. She always made sure I was comfortable and was very friendly.

I will miss Ukraine and the people who I have met here. They were very welcoming and hospitable. I would recommend this program to others!