Volunteer in Moldova

Program Snapshot

Causeni, Moldova
18 years +
Minimum Stay: 
1 week.
Airport Pickup: 
LV registration fees plus program fees from US$340 for one week.
Homestay with breakfast and dinner provided.
Intermediate English required.

Program overview

Love Volunteers, in tandem with its partner NGO in Moldova, is looking for volunteers for this small, picturesque, but very poor country. Volunteering in Moldova is a great prospect for those interested in Eastern Europe and who’d like to help the people of a country which, having enjoyed peace for several years now, suffered a civil war during the 1990s and has a reputation not just as one of Europe’s poorest countries but also as one of its friendliest.

Volunteering attracts people of all backgrounds and belonging to all age groups. Besides giving the volunteer a fresh outlook on life, increased self-confidence and problem-solving skills, it also provides a boost to one’s CV. For some a stint spent volunteering forms a perfect break between jobs or during a change of career direction.

The rewards of volunteering include the satisfaction that comes from making a daily impact on the lives of individuals affected by limited economic, educational and health prospects. Volunteering brings you into contact with people eager to introduce you to their world, its customs and its outlook on life. In Moldova, the volunteer placements consist mainly of working in a secondary school teaching conversational English. You will find Moldovan students enthusiastic to learn about life beyond their own borders. By virtually becoming one of the locals, volunteers make many new friends.

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