Volunteer in Kenya

Program Snapshot

Throughout Kenya
18 years +
Minimum Stay: 
1 week
Airport Pickup: 
LV registration fee plus program fees from US$220 for 1 week.
Volunteer House or Homestay. Breakfast and dinner provided.
Intermediate English.

Program overview

Love Volunteers offers volunteering opportunities in community centres, refugee camps, orphanages, schools, hospitals and community medical clinics in Nairobi and Mombasa. Placements in this stunning country can often be customised to suit the needs and profile of the volunteer. Past participants have volunteered in mobile clinics, mental health clinics, with people with disabilities, in hospices, working with HIV/AIDS as well as specific areas like nutrition and dental services.

This flexibility means that volunteers in Kenya derive immense personal satisfaction from their experience, while gaining eye-opening and sometimes troubling insights into the conditions and level of services available in a developing country. Arranged through Love Volunteers, your contribution in Kenya will make a real and meaningful difference to the people of this country. Volunteers will have continued support throughout the duration of their placement.

A dramatic and highly photogenic country, Kenya is a hugely varied land of plains and mountains, beaches flanked by coral reefs, alongside lively tribal culture and possibly the most crowd-pulling wildlife on the planet. In some respects, this one small country essentially encompasses all Africa.

To volunteer in Kenya is to transport oneself to a distinctly different world... one where the beauties of nature sit alongside the multiple disadvantages suffered by poor tribes-people, the sick and the orphaned. No individual will leave a Kenya volunteer placement untouched by their experience in this country.

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