Volunteer in Ghana

Program Snapshot

Throughout Ghana
18 years +
Minimum Stay: 
2 weeks
Airport Pickup: 
LV registration fees plus program fees from US$360 for 2 weeks.
Volunteer House or Homestay. Breakfast and dinner provided.
Good English

Program overview

Love Volunteers has volunteer placement opportunities in Accra, Kumasi and Ashanti. Volunteers are needed to assist in schools, orphanages, medical centres and a new creative arts centre.

Deciding to volunteer in Africa means you are likely to be stepping into the unknown. It will be both a challenging and a rewarding experience, one to look back on with a mixture of emotions, but certainly with a new depth of understanding of the human condition. Living among the local Ghanaian people is the perfect way to experience their culture directly.

Often, volunteering in Ghana is the choice of the gap-year student, but it can equally serve as a grounding experience and a break from the norm for anyone, from new graduates to career-breakers, retired and semi-retired individuals, organised groups from churches and other associations, as well as professionals granted a leave of absence to gain experience.

Situated in the west of Africa, the small country of Ghana was formerly known as the Gold Coast. There is evidence of human settlement going back to 1500 BC. Basking in the delightfully warm climate afforded by its location in the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is home to around 24 million people who speak up to 47 different ethnic languages, as well as, in the majority of cases, English. A cocoa-producer, Ghana has not suffered the conflicts of many other African countries and is reasonably well developed. Nevertheless, much of its population is disadvantaged and badly in need of the help that volunteers in Ghana can give.

Ghana is a colourful and interesting country with many diverse ethnic groups. It has a background in cultural dance and sport, as well as producing eye-boggling textiles. Volunteers in Ghana contribute hugely to the lives of many marginal groups held back by poverty and deprivation.

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