Volunteer Work in Mongolia

Volunteer Programs in Mongolia

Volunteering in Mongolia means branching out to a perhaps previously unthought-of destination where it is possible to make a small difference to one of Asia’s poorest countries. Volunteers will work alongside our local parter in an effort to care for children who have been orphaned or abandoned and have come from extremely difficult backgrounds. 

Comprising mainly high, cold, dry terrain, Mongolia sits between China and Russia. The most striking feature geographically is the high mountain ranges. Its numerous nomadic tribes and large open spaces (including part of the Gobi Desert), not forgetting yurt-dwelling Mongolian herders all come together to create the rich tapestry that makes up this fascinating country. Meanwhile, the cities in Mongolia are growing exponentially, and it is here that much of the volunteer efforts are concentrated, trying to aid people whose personal resources are scant or non-existent.

Placements volunteering in Mongolia are for everyone – from gap-year students or recent university graduates to people between jobs or looking for a more fulfilling holiday. Volunteers get to see the real Mongolia, experiencing at close hand the culture of this country while providing a genuinely needed service for people in urgent need of help. Reasons to volunteer in Mongolia include the prospect of experiencing the warm hospitality for which the country is rightly renowned while gaining the satisfaction of directly impacting on the quality of life of the people here. You may find that you experience strong emotions as a volunteer and that you develop as a person.

For more information about this amazing country check out Lonely Planet and Wikitravel. Also, check out the amazing photos in our Volunteer in Mongolia albums on Facebook and Pinterest!


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