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Madagascar - evocative of jungle, beaches and extraordinary wildlife. But don’t stop there! This island nation holds more than you can possibly imagine and truly has to be seen to be believed.

Cleaved from the Indian peninsula many million years ago and enjoying relative isolation off the coast of East Africa ever since, Madagascar is home to a plethora of unique plant and animal species. This display of extraordinary flora and fauna is fostered by a landscape of unrivalled (and unbelievable) diversity; from rainforest to desert via postcard worthy beaches, mountains, verdant rice paddies, lakes and rivers. Epic!

The importance of protecting this unique environment cannot be overstressed and Love Volunteers, in partnership with a committed local organisation, focuses programs on conservation and helping the people who call this wonderland home. Primarily based on the peripheral islands of Nosy Be (Malagasy for Big Island) and Nosy Komba (Island of Lemurs) volunteers are actively involved in preserving the diversity of life here and improving the lives of rural Malagasy communities. 

Few places on earth compare to the natural diversity and rich abundance that is Madagascar, but don’t just leave footprints; do something worthwhile! 


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