Teaching English Abroad

Dominican Republic Program

This wonderful project ​aims ​to ​teach ​English ​to ​local ​youth ​in ​order ​to ​equip ​them ​with the necessary ​skills ​to ​succeed ​in ​the ​community’s ​and ​the ​country’s ​tourism ​industry. ​With ​English as ​the ​overarching ​common ​language ​between ​tourists ​to ​the ​Dominican ​Republic, ​children ​are set ​up ​for ​a ​better ​future ​if ​they ​are ​able ​to ​speak ​English ​well ​and ​have ​the ​skills ​to ​prepare ​for and ​be ​successful ​in ​a ​career. ​To ​teach ​English, ​the project ​focuses ​on ​non-traditional ​types of ​teaching, including ​song, ​dance, ​art, ​and ​sports ​- mainly ​tennis. ​At the heart of the project there is a belief in the ​power ​of ​active ​learning, ​so tennis has been chosen ​due ​to ​its ​associated ​benefits of cognitive stimulation, ​anxiety ​reduction, ​and ​an ​overall ​whole ​body ​workout. ​Despite ​the ​sport of ​choice, ​the ​project ​welcomes ​all ​sorts ​of ​activities ​and ​encourages ​students ​to ​try ​many different ​things, socializing ​with ​and ​learning ​from ​those ​around ​them.

Goals​ ​of​ ​this​ ​Project:

  • Give ​free ​extracurricular ​English ​lessons ​to ​local ​children ​ages ​3-13 ​through ​a ​variety ​of methods
  • Prepare ​older ​students ​for ​interviews, ​job ​opportunities, ​and ​regular ​interaction ​with ​English speaking ​tourists
  • Provide ​a ​welcoming, ​safe, ​and ​clean ​environment ​that ​encourages ​consistency, ​responsibility, and ​fun!

How You Can Help

Volunteers ​are ​extremely ​important ​to ​the ​development ​and ​progress ​of ​the ​projects students. Working ​in ​the ​tourism ​industry ​will ​expose ​students ​to ​people ​from ​many ​different areas ​of ​the ​world, ​with ​differing ​cultures ​and ​accents, ​so ​they ​benefit ​from ​a ​steady ​stream ​of volunteers ​from ​differing ​backgrounds. ​Native ​or ​near-native ​English ​speakers ​interacting ​on ​a daily ​basis ​with students ​will ​best ​prepare ​them ​for ​the ​real ​life ​situations ​they ​will ​deal ​with ​in the ​future, ​therefore ​improving ​our ​program ​efficiency.

In ​order ​to ​provide ​a ​means ​of ​English ​immersion ​for ​students, ​volunteers ​will ​partake ​in ​any ​or all ​of ​the ​following ​sorts ​of ​tasks:

  • Assisting ​the ​teacher ​in ​English ​class ​through ​co-teaching ​or ​helping ​students
  • Assisting ​the ​tennis ​coach ​in ​tennis ​class ​through ​co-teaching ​or ​helping ​students
  • Planning ​and ​giving ​lessons ​to ​a ​class ​of ​their ​own
  • Tutoring ​individual ​or ​small ​groups ​of ​students ​to ​practice ​oral ​skills ​and ​conversation
  • Helping ​organize ​and ​advertise ​campus ​events ​and/or ​fundraisers



Love Volunteers welcomes all ​volunteers who ​are ​at ​least ​18 ​years ​old, ​unless ​travelling ​and volunteering ​with ​a ​chaperone ​such ​as ​a ​parent ​or ​sibling. ​It ​is ​required ​that ​all ​volunteers ​to this ​project ​are ​native ​or ​near-native ​English ​speakers. ​A ​basic ​understanding ​of ​Spanish ​is preferred, ​though ​spoken ​skills ​aren’t ​necessary. ​This ​project ​is ​most ​suitable ​for volunteers ​with ​experience ​in ​or ​who ​are ​pursuing ​a ​career ​in ​early ​childhood ​education ​& development, ​secondary ​education, ​or ​physical ​education. ​However, ​we ​welcome ​those ​simply interested ​in ​these ​fields ​as ​well. ​All volunteers ​should ​be ​flexible ​and ​able ​to ​work ​well ​on ​a team, ​have ​a ​positive ​and ​friendly ​attitude, ​show ​drive ​and ​initiative, ​and ​express ​a ​genuine interest ​in ​wanting ​to ​help ​these ​kids. ​If ​this ​sounds ​like ​you, ​we ​want ​you ​on ​the ​team!

Additionally, volunteers applying to join this program will be required to supply to following documentation:

  • Emergency contact
  • Police check
  • Resume

Find out how to obtain a police check here

Project Location

Dominican Republic, Cabarete

This ​project ​takes ​place ​on our local partners project ​campus ​in ​the ​neighbourhood ​of ​La ​Cienaga de ​Cabarete ​on ​the ​North ​Coast ​of ​the ​Dominican ​Republic. ​Cabarete ​is ​a ​small ​town ​filled ​with water ​sports ​such ​as ​kitesurfing, ​windsurfing, ​surfing, ​SUP, ​and ​more. ​These ​sports ​attract ​not only ​the locals, ​but ​tourists ​and ​expats ​from ​all ​over, ​all ​teaching ​and ​learning ​from ​one ​another.

Our local partner ​is ​one ​of ​a ​handful ​of ​non-profits ​in ​the ​area, ​so ​there ​are ​many international ​volunteers ​in ​the ​community. ​It’s ​the ​perfect ​atmosphere ​for ​a ​language ​and culture ​lover ​with ​a ​knack ​for ​the ​sand, ​sun, ​and ​salt!

Start Dates & Duration

Minimum 4 weeks

This ​project ​is ​available ​year ​round, ​besides ​a ​few ​weeks ​of ​the ​year ​where ​the program ​is ​closed ​for ​holidays. ​Programs ​start ​every ​2nd ​and ​4th ​MONDAY ​of ​each ​month. Volunteers ​can ​choose ​to ​participate ​for ​periods ​ranging ​from ​4 ​weeks ​to ​12 ​weeks. ​Longer stays ​can ​be ​arranged ​directly ​with ​the ​local ​team, ​but ​will ​be ​subject ​to ​availability ​and individual ​visa ​conditions.

Spaces ​on ​this ​project ​are ​limited ​and ​therefore ​subject ​to ​availability. ​Early ​booking ​is recommended ​and ​must ​be ​booked ​at ​least ​4 ​weeks ​prior ​to ​intended ​start ​date.

For current available start dates please check the calendar on the right.

Arrival & Orientation

Airport Pickup Included

Upon ​your ​arrival ​in ​Puerto ​Plata, ​you ​will ​be ​picked ​up ​at ​the ​airport ​by ​a ​private ​taxi, ​shared with ​fellow ​volunteers ​if ​timing ​requires. ​The ​taxi ​will ​bring ​you immediately ​to ​your ​accommodation, ​where ​you ​will ​have ​the ​day ​to ​settle ​in ​and ​have ​your orientation ​meeting ​with ​the ​local coordinator. ​The ​coordinator ​will ​advise ​you ​on ​local ​customs, necessary ​language ​phrases, ​public ​transportation, ​spots ​in ​the ​community, ​and ​clear ​up ​any remaining ​questions. ​

On ​Tuesday ​morning, ​you ​will ​arrive ​to ​the ​project site ​where ​the local project ​manager ​will ​give ​you ​a ​tour ​of ​the ​premises, ​introduce ​you ​to ​the ​team, ​inform ​you on ​some ​of ​the ​daily ​expectations ​and ​operations, ​and ​get ​you ​started ​in ​your ​role.

  • ​Arrival ​Day: ​MONDAY
  • Departure ​Day: ​SUNDAY
  • Arrival/Departure ​Airport: ​Gregorio ​Luperón ​International ​Airport, ​Puerto ​Plata, Dominican ​Republic ​(Code: ​POP)

Accommodation & Meals

Volunteer Apartment / Self Catered

Volunteers ​on ​this ​project ​are ​primarily ​housed ​in ​Volunteer ​Apartments, ​located ​in ​the ​heart ​of the ​town ​and ​close ​to ​the project ​staff ​and ​support ​team. ​These ​apartments ​are ‘self-catered’ ​- ​perfect ​for ​those ​volunteers ​who ​prefer ​to ​cook ​for ​themselves ​and ​without ​the restriction ​that ​come ​with ​staying ​in ​someone ​else's ​home. ​All ​standard ​amenities ​are ​provided, including ​24/7 ​electricity, ​kitchen ​facilities, ​running ​water, ​and ​modern ​bathrooms. ​Wifi ​is ​also provided ​though ​it ​can ​be ​spotty ​or ​slow ​at ​times.

Daily ​workday ​lunches ​are ​provided ​to ​volunteers ​and ​are ​delivered ​to ​the ​project ​site ​at ​the start ​of ​lunch ​hour. ​Volunteers ​are ​not ​obliged ​to ​stay ​on ​campus ​during ​lunch ​hour, ​and ​may choose ​to ​take ​their ​meal ​down ​to ​the ​beach ​or ​back ​to ​their ​apartment. ​Typical ​Dominican cuisine ​is ​rice ​with ​beans ​and ​a ​meat. ​Stewed ​chicken ​is ​a ​popular ​lunch ​meat, ​though ​fried ​fish, fried ​chicken, ​or stewed ​pork ​are ​also ​enjoyed. ​Also, ​fruit ​trees ​are ​in ​abundance ​in ​the ​country and ​volunteers ​might ​be ​lucky ​enough ​to ​grab ​a chinola ​off ​a ​tree ​while ​heading ​to ​the ​project site! ​In ​addition ​to ​the chinola, ​local ​fruits ​include ​bananas, ​mangoes, ​pineapples, ​coconuts, ​and cashew ​apples.


From USD 1149
Program fee:
Different currency?
USD 1149

That’s just USD 41 per day* for:

  • Airport pick-up on arrival
  • Orientation & full safety briefing
  • Accommodation (as specified above)
  • 24/7 local support network
  • Project placement & onsite supervision

*In addition to the program fees listed above a Registration Fee is payable to secure your place. The registration fee is USD 299 for those volunteering with Love Volunteers for the first time or USD 149 for any subsequent volunteer placements. The registration fee includes: lifetime LV Alumni Membership, fundraising support & advice, dedicated pre-departure support, certificate of completion (on request), and exclusive access to the LV Trip Planner.

Some things are not included in the program fees listed above, such as flights, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, additional foods and snacks, spending money, local transport, in-country trips and excursions, return airport transfer (unless mentioned above).

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice. Please ensure you have read the Love Volunteers Terms and Conditions & Refund Policy.