Volunteer in Dominican Republic

Volunteer Programs in Dominican Republic

Volunteering in the Dominican Republic offers the unique opportunity to experience this incredible island paradise whilst helping to improve the quality of life and living standards of the country’s most vulnerable.

Racked by a history of civil unrest and international intervention this island nation has finally been given the chance to develop unhindered and boy is it racing ahead! The last 20 years have seen incredible economic and developmental advances and tourists are flocking to enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty, culture and architecture.

Unfortunately, as with many developing nations, much of the population continue to be trapped by a cycle of poverty and volunteers are desperately required to help give local communities the chance to improve their prospects through education. The expanding tourism industry holds a wealth of jobs for English speaking locals and the focus is on imparting knowledge in this area.

Volunteering in the Dominican Republic offer the chance to appreciate the Caribbean (the only region in the world where an island is home to two countries; in this case Haiti) and to be an enabler in the lives of so many who ask only that they be given the tools to create their own opportunities. 


1 programs
  • Cabarete, Dominican Republic
  • from 4 weeks
  • Volunteer Apartment
  • from USD 1149
  • Airport Pick Up Included

This wonderful project ​aims ​to ​teach ​English ​to ​local ​youth ​in ​order ​to ​equip ​them ​with the necessary ​skills ​to ​succeed ​in ​the ​community’s ​and ​the ​country’s ​tourism ​industry. ​With ​English as ​the ​overarching ​common ​language ​between ​tourists ​to ​the ​Dominican ​Republic, ​children ​are set ​up ​for ​a ​better ​…

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