Top cost-effective volunteer programs in Mexico!

Volunteering in Mexico is both challenging and rewarding! Its many different indigenous groups, unsettled economy and lack of state-provided facilities have meant that the more marginalised inhabitants of the country suffer various forms of deprivation. Enriching the lives of such people is what volunteering in Mexico is about! And the great news is, it doesnt have to cost a small fortune! Read on to find out about the top cost-effective volunteer programs in Mexico.. 

Teaching and Assisting in Schools

Mexico has a desperate need for volunteers to assist with teaching in any subject area, but especially English. Children from low income families, who would often otherwise have little or no access to an education, attend non-government funded schools in the hopes of recieving what education they can. Volunteers on these programs assist local teachers and work directly with students in developing their skills in a range of subjects including English, Math, Geography, and Physical Education.

The objective is to provide the community's underprivileged children with an effective and beneficial education, and to do this at little or no cost to the students and their families. These are truely insiring projects to work on, and schools in Mexico are drastically underfunded and understaffed. Volunteers make an essential contribution to the education and future potential of so many underprivileged children, yet programs starts from as little as US$335!

Working with Children

This program works with an amazing non-profit organization devoted solely to improving the lives of marginalized youth from diverse backgrounds in beautiful Oaxaca City, Mexico by giving them access to an education which in many cases would otherwise not be available to them. At the heart of this program is the belief that every child has a right to an education, and in supporting the rights of Indigenous youth to an education that is culturally appropriate.

This amazing, grass-roots program provides nutritious meals, medical care, public school tuition and extracurricular academic support to over 600 Oaxacan children! This is a highly diverse program, that will allow volunteers from any background to participate! Whilst qualified Teachers are sought after, especially for longer term placements, any volunteer contribution is both valued and beneficial to these amazing children, and programs start from just US$210!


Set in one of the most beautiful inland cities in the mountains of Southern Mexico, this Healthcare/Medical program provides a great opportunity for med-students, Nurses, Paramedics, and Qualified Medical practitioners, to volunteer in local Hospitals and Clinics, in and around the historic city of Oaxaca!

Volunteers who stay for more than one week have the opportunity to work in different clinical settings each week, making this an amazing opportunity to get a lot of valuable experience in a short time. Some clinics are in downtown Oaxaca, but most of them are located a little bit outside the city, and in these cases it may be necessary to take a short bus ride. This is a great opportunity to see the local countryside, and programs fees strat from as little as US$190!



Alternative Healthcare

Heres one for the 'not-so-mainstreamers'! Set in a community where most families cannot afford 'traditional' medicine, this program aims to provide natural, holistic remedies, and alternative healthcare practises at minimal costs.

On this unique program, volunteers could find themselves assisting in alternative healthcare consultations, concocting herbal remedies or nutritious dietary supplements (including some pretty amazing smoothies!), participating in, or even leading, yogo classes or even sessions in the sweat lodge (yes, sweat lodge!). 

This is quite literally a grassroots program, and is perfect for those who have a slight bent towards the 'alternative'. Regardless of your background, you are bound to come away from this project feeling good, both inside and out! Programs fees start from as little as US$275!

Whatever your background, it is likely that you have a great contribution to make as a volunteer. Often, a stint spent volunteering provides the perfect gap year transition before launching on a university degree. Volunteering can fill a break between jobs or career, as it can be the ideal way to gain a new perspective on life or to re-examine one’s value. A short-term stint on one of these cost-effecive volunteer programs in Mexico is also a rewarding alternative to a classic holiday!

No matter what your reason for volunteering, Mexico certainly ticks all the boxes! Want to know more?