Top cost-effective spring break volunteer trips

What will you be doing this spring break?

Why not spend your spring break doing something meaningful, something life-changing! 
Sure spring break is only short, but that doesnt mean you cant change lives, shape futures, save endangered species, protect planet Earth, and....inspire people! And the best news of doesnt need to cost a small fortune. Cost effective spring break volunteer trips are available all over the world...all you have to do is get involved! 
Here are my picks for the 'top cost-effective spring break volunteer trips'. Read on, but be warned, this may change your life! 

Teaching and Education Programs

Want to help shape the lives of those less fortunate? Teaching children vital skills that will enhance their lives is one of the most rewarding experiences a person could have! Here are some examples of Education-based programs that are perfect for those who like to lead by example. 


Teaching English to Bhuddist Monks - Thailand

Volunteers can work in a temple school where they will be teaching novice Buddhist monks. The volunteers’ role in the classroom depends on the school as well as their own comfort level. Volunteers are paired with a Thai teacher and have the option of simply helping out with daily lessons, or if confident they can jump straight in and start taking your own lessons.

Teaching in Schools - Nepal

This program takes place in Kathmandu and involves teaching in a primary school which has recently been established. The school provides free schooling, text books, uniforms and shoes to children and families in need. Volunteers are needed for subjects that include English, mathematics, science, history, geography, art, dance and music.
Working with Children with Disabilities - Peru

Volunteers in Peru provide much-needed support and assistance to children and young adults at various childcare facilities. One such facility is a school for mentally disabled and deaf children and young adults aged from 3 to 25 years. Due to the varying ages and levels of disability there are five sections where the young people receive education which includes a deaf school, kindergarten, primary school, practical training, and a division for students with multiple complex behaviours.



Construction and Outdoors Programs


Prefer to get your hands dirty? Like to be outdoors? Why not join a spring break volunteer trip helping construct something that local communities can benefit from long after you have returned home! Go on.. Get stuck in and get it done!

School Renovation - Costa Rica


This program is designed for those volunteers who do not have a lot of time but still want to help and make a difference. The week is planned out to include time building and renovating at the schools, playing and interacting with the children and also planned sight-seeing trips. This week long program begins on a Monday and volunteers need to arrive on the Sunday. Spanish is not required for this project.

Permaculture - Palestine


The purpose of the permaculture project is to promote sustainable, creative solutions to problems of environmental degradation and food and water insecurity facing the local communities in the West Bank. They strive to re-purpose all the rubbish they create, to develop and use alternate forms of energy, and to live using only the resources which are available to them. The emphasis is put on living sustainably rather than living luxuriously.

Outdoor Work - Thailand


Volunteers will help with gardening and construction at a home for single mothers. The work can involve bamboo construction, laying cement foundations, painting, digging and maintaining gardens and harvesting the organically grown produce.  As well as construction and gardening volunteers should be willing to share their skills and knowledge.

Environmental and Conservation Programs


Save the environment, save the planet! These conservation-based spring break volunteer trips focus on the wonderous world we live in, and making sure it stays that way for future generations to enjoy! Be prepared to get your hands dirty, and check out the adventures below. 

Consevation on the Galapagos Islands - Ecuador


The native forests in Gal├ípagos are shrinking due to farming activities and the introduction of such useful but invasive plant species as cinchona, cedar and blackberry. This volunteer program focuses its activities on re-forestation, habitat restoration, organic agriculture, environmental education in local schools, centre maintenance and development. 


Environmental Program - South Africa

Environmental programs revolve around educating future generations on conserving the environment, through educational camps and activities put in place to promote sustainability for the future.  Duties include visitor management and outdoor environmental work. For example clearing paths, removing alien vegetation, bird counting, and facilitating awareness programs for people of different ages.


Environmental and Agricultural Programs in the Cloud Forest - Ecuador

Volunteers work at a Biological Station carrying out field research and education in the tropical rainforest region of the upper Napo River in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The station includes a reserve of 2,000 hectares, of which 70% is primary forest and the remainder secondary growth.  Although its principal objectives are the conservation and protection of the natural environment, the centre also works on improving the health, nutrition and livelihood of the surrounding communities.


Wildlife and Animals Programs

Love animals? Wildlife Protection might be exactly the kind of spring break volunteer trip you have been looking for! From 'The Big 5' of Africa, to endangered insects of the Amazon, there are literally hundreds of options. Here is just a few of the top picks!


Amazon Animal Welfare Program - Ecuador 

Based at an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre in the Amazon jungle, volunteers work in partnership with an indigenous Quichuan community. The program's mission is to rescue wild animals from unhealthy and illegal situations, such as animal-trafficking and mistreatment. The groups of animals are mainly primates, birds, and reptiles.



Wildlife Protection - South Africa

The Game Reserve is situated in Port Elizabeth towards Grahamstown. The reserve is on 6000 hectares of land which is filled with a variety of wild life, including the BIG 5! In addition to the mixture of grasslands and sub-tropical vegetation, it also has naturally formed pockets of water, amazing rock formations and splendid flora. Duties will include: tracking and monitoring animals, removing alien vegetation, mending fences, animal counts, animal feeding, general visitor management, working in the elephant sanctuary, accompanying guides on game drives and clearing paths.

Elephant Camp - Thailand

The elephant camp is an exciting new program in Thailand. The project site is roughly 40 miles (65 kilometres) from the centre of Chiang Mai. Volunteers stay onsite during the week and travel back to Chiang Mai for the weekend. The camp is home to about 70 elephants and has been operating for over 20 years. Part of the duties of volunteers is to fed and bath the animals each morning. In the afternoon you may have the chance to work with the trainers.


Want to learn more about these and other amazing spring break volunteering opportunities?