Volunteer in Senegal

Program Snapshot

Dakar, Senegal
18 years +
Minimum Stay: 
2 weeks
Airport Pickup: 
Included, between 8am - 10pm.
LV registration fees plus program fees from US$400 for two weeks.
Volunteer House or Homestay. Breakfast and dinner provided.
Good English.

Program overview

Love Volunteers has joined forces with a partner NGO in Senegal offering placements on projects such as working with children in orphanages and schools, as well as medical programs.Having suffered years of famine and other disasters, Senegal is a country which greatly needs the support provided by volunteers, either on short or longer term stays. It is a great location for anyone wishing to help by doing overseas voluntary work in Senegal. Your efforts here will have a direct impact on the lives of people affected by political upheaval, diseases such as HIV and poverty.Volunteering in Senegal enables the participant the chance to be immersed in an unfamiliar location where the volunteer’s help is urgently needed. Whether you are a gap-year student, a new graduate or between employments, you will find that the country of Senegal presents stimulating challenges. There is work to be done in providing relief to individuals, families and especially children whose prospects have been limited by poverty.In addition to this, volunteering in Senegal will broaden your experience and you will almost certainly grow as a person as a result. When you volunteer in Senegal, your skills and preferences will be taken into account before a final decision is made regarding the location and project best suited to you.Ideal for those who already speak French, volunteering in Senegal has the advantage of helping people who want to improve their French language skills. Located in Africa’s far western bulge, and bordered by Mauritania, Mali and Guinea, Senegal is a coastal country, flanking the Atlantic. It surrounds the small country of Gambia on three sides.

For more info about Senegal check Lonely Planet and Wikitravel.